Unvented Cylinders

unvented cylinders

Unvented cylinders in Ealing and surrounding areas

Are you looking to have faster filling baths, powerful flowing showers and balanced supply to taps and sinks? No matter if someone else is using another tap or water appliance, an unvented cylinder could be just what you're looking for.
unvented cylinders

What is an unvented cylinder?

You may hear people refer to unvented cylinders as a Megaflo type system. Megaflo is a brand name and manufacturer of a specific unvented cylinder.

An unvented hot water cylinder is a pressurised system which is fed directly from the cold water mains and therefore can deliver hot water at mains pressure, which is great for improving the performance of your shower and bath.
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unvented cylinders

An unvented cylinder could be the system for you

An unvented cylinder doesn't require a cold water storage tank, which is ideal if you are thinking of having a loft converted. 

You may not be aware but an unvented cylinder must be installed by a G3 qualified installer. P Dymott Plumbing & Heating are fully qualified for this type of installation and are also a Megaflo approved installer. 
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unvented cylinders

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