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Solar hot water cylinders for properties in Ealing

Are you looking for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating system? A solar domestic hot water system could be your ideal choice. 

Lower your carbon footprint

Solar hot water cylinders offer all the benefits of an unvented cylinder while using renewable energy to heat the hot water, when possible. This provides you access to hot water and also reduces your carbon footprint. P Dymott Plumbing & Heating Ltd are Logic certified in the installation of solar domestic hot water systems. We can install the panels, carry out the necessary electrical work and have your solar water heating system fitted.
Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is available to almost everyone, it's carbon neutral and has low running costs. Typical modern heating systems can be combined with solar panels, making solar systems available for hot water
How does solar thermal work?
Solar thermal domestic hot water systems work by collectors (solar panels) on the roof, absorbing the radiated energy from the sun. This energy heats the fluid (glycol) which is pumped around a sealed circuit, through the collectors and into a coil within a specially designed hot water cylinder (twin coiled).  The hot water is then stored in the cylinder until required, and if need your boiler can heat the water when solar radiation is not available.

Benefits of solar thermal hot water:
Endless amounts of energy with low running costs
No CO2 emissions during operation 
Cost savings from using up to 60% less energy to heat your hot water
Reduced consumption of fossil fuels
Solar thermal systems can be integrated into many existing systems
Modern systems work efficiently all year round

Solar collectors
There are two types of solar thermal collectors used for solar hot water systems: Flat plate and evacuated tube collectors.
Evacuated tube collectors 
The principal of the evacuated tube collectors is the same as the flat panel collectors. However, in contrast to flat plat collectors, the evacuated tube collector utilities the excellent insulation capacity of a vacuum. Heat losses are almost completely avoided thanks to the vacuum in the glass tubes. In addition, a mirror is mounted below the individual tubes to focus the sunlight towards the absorber pipe, making them significantly more efficient than flat plate collectors.

Advantages of evacuated tube collectors:
  • Greater energy efficiency, good yields even with less sunlight and diffuse light
  • Require less roof area for same output 
  • Produces higher temperatures
Flat plate collectors 
The main feature of the flat plate collector is the black absorber surface which is oriented to the sun. The absorber surface has been designed so that it is able to absorb maximum radiation and reflects only a low amount of energy. The energy absorbed is then transferred to the heat transfer fluid (glycol) and circulated around the hot water coil.

Advantages of flat plate collectors:
  • Lower purchase costs
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Aesthetically more pleasing
It is important to service your solar system regularly.
This includes checking the heat transfer fluid (glycol). After time your glycol levels will degrade and become more acidic. This will affect the efficiency of the system. It is advised to have your glycol levels checked annually and when the glycol drops in PH level, should be flushed out with a solar cleaning solution and refilled with new glycol using a solar flushing pump. 

P Dymott plumbing & heating use a Sentinel solar flush machine to carry out this process and you can click on the video below to explain this process.
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solar heating system

Maximise the potential of your solar heating system

if you are having a new unvented cylinder installed why not think about having a solar unvented system fitted and lower your carbon footprint? We can connect it to your new solar heating system and also offer renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial property owners in Ealing and the surrounding areas. Contact Us for more information on the heating and plumbing services we offer.

  At P Dymott Plumbing & Heating we have a Logic qualification for solar domestic hot water and have had Vaillant solar thermal systems training.

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