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power flushing

Power flushing for central heating systems in the Ealing area

Is your heating system suffering from cold spots on your radiators or are they taking ages to heat up, pump failure, noises from your boiler, radiators with pin holes or leaking, parts leaking and being replaced in your boiler or radiators constantly need venting. Then your heating system may need a power flush.

At P Dymott we use a Kamco CF 90 flushing pump with a Combi Mag Filter. The CF 90 flushing pump forcibly cleans the heating system using water (with a cleansing agent added) at high velocity, but low pressure so that no physical damage is caused to the system. The Combi Mag filter is installed between the power flushing pump and the heating system. 

The cyclone construction of the magnet chamber directs contaminated water through a powerful magnetic field. Even the smallest of particles are retained on the magnet. Debris which may lead to blockages in the boiler or pipework is prevented from re-entering the system. 

The rapid removal of debris prevents saturation of the cleaning solution with black sludge leading to a more efficient heating system. It is important that your system is refilled with an inhibitor or system protector solution and levels are maintained to protect your heating system against corrosion and scale and maintain heating efficiency. We also fit Magnaclean filters to help maintain heating systems. 

These are usually fitted near the return to the boiler or after the last radiator on the heating system returning back to the boiler. These can have immediate results and system protection cutting heating energy bills by up to 6% a year. 
Magnaclean filters collect the damaging black iron oxide sludge that builds-up in heating systems. In doing so, Magnaclean helps reduce heating bills and maintenance costs by protecting the boilers for longer. 

Removing sludge, blockages and debris

With regular use, sludge and debris tend to accumulate in the radiator pipework. This results in blockages which can lead to the breakdown of your central heating system. As the leading experts in heating services, P Dymott Plumbing & Heating Ltd use Kamco systems to effectively remove blockages from your radiators and boilers. We will power flush your central heating system to leave your radiators as good as new. 
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Why choose to power flush your radiators?

  • Removes the build-up of sludge and limescale
  • Removes cold spots
  • Improved heat distribution
  • Lower heating bills
  • Increases the lifespan of your central heating system
You can take a look at our price list to see how competitively priced we are. We also offer boiler installation and repair services.
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Environmentally friendly chemicals 

Prior to power flushing the radiators, our engineers will conduct a detailed inspection of your central heating system to identify the blockages and corroded areas. We use environmentally friendly chemicals to break down the blockages without causing any damage to the system. Give us a call today to book our power flushing services.

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